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Laminate Veneers

Laminate Veneer

Laminate Veneer is called leaf porcelain process. After taking the special dental measurements of the person who wants to have laminate Veneer, a thin plaque is created in the laboratory environment with the help of various devices. These plaques are known for their similarity to nail structure. It is one of these methods that is frequently used in the field of aesthetic dentistry. Leaf porcelain, on the other hand, is similar to the nickname nail system. The plate is placed on the main tooth in whiteness and shapes according to preference. Besides, the female to be covered by people who want to have laminate veneer process should be absolutely intact.d

Who Can Laminate Veneer Procedure Be Applied to?

People who are applied laminate Veneer may be the ones who want to have an aesthetic appearance of their teeth. Today, as a result of the increasing interest in cosmetic treatments, the methods used in this field also begin to multiply. Laminate Veneer is a very prominent application in terms of laughter. The reason why it is most preferred is that it helps the teeth to have a more aesthetic appearance without abrasion. The coating thickness is only 0.1 mm. Detailed smile analysis is performed before coating construction is applied to the person. One of the most important points of Side dental clinic is that it performs the procedure without a corring by minimizing tooth loss. On the other hand, in the form of this treatment, it is ensured that the patient sees the image he/she will get after the treatment. Therefore, if you are struggling in the decision-making phase, seeing the results in advance after the procedure can play an important role in making decisions.

What are the Advantages of Laminate Veneer Application?

The advantages of Laminate Veneer can be listed as follows. They're like;

·       The gaps that occur between the teeth are destroyed. The formation of gaps between the teeth can cause discomfort or ins confidence to the person. Therefore, the gaps in the teeth can be easily eliminated with the help of special plaques.

·       Ratio problems between the gums can be solved. The ratio of teeth is of great importance in terms of aesthetic appearance. Changing these rates is possible with the leaf porcelain process.

·       Deep coloration of the teeth may indicate a mask feature. Accordingly, wine, tea, and coffee consumption and regional colorations may occur. Again, this coloring event is destroyed by leaf porcelain treatment. If you want to have a white smile, you can have it with Side Dental Centre.

·       Irregularities on the tooth surface may also cause some health problems. Teeth can take the form of an unequal structure over time. Therefore, thanks to the Leaf porcelain process, the irregular structure disappears and also allows you to have an equal surface.

·       The distortions in the teeth are largely removed. On the other hand, having crooked teeth can also undermine the patient's self-confidence and even make him feel bad in social environments. With Laminate Veneer, you can get rid of this problem.

How Long Does Laminate Veneer App Last?

The life span of laminate veneer varies for everyone. It is quite difficult to predict an idea of the life of the coating. However, we can say that the lifespan of coatings will be quite long with people looking after their teeth well, not disrupting dental controls, paying attention to physician recommendations. A person who has leaf porcelain application should come to the dental examination every 6 months without any disruptions, like healthy people. Difficultly tightening the teeth is a risky situation. Therefore, if the person has a tooth tightening habit, this habit should be eliminated. Of course, some people have a habit of biting pen buckles or other kinds of objects. People must end these behaviors.

What is achieved with Laminate Veneer Dental Application?

Laminate Veneer application is highly preferred in dental aesthetics and treatment recently.

·       Almost all of the ratio problems between the teeth are resolved.

·       Stains on the teeth disappear.

·       The irregular structure on the surface of the teeth is eliminated.

·       Irregularities in the tooth are destroyed to a certain level.

·       Gaps between teeth are eliminated.

The plates do not dislodge as a result of biting an object, as strong rezin adhesives are used in the leaf porcelain process. Dental Clinic in Side Turkey health to your teeth. Dentist in Side Turkey expert staff in terms of technology. Therefore, it helps you to have a healthy life by finding the best solution to your worn teeth.


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