Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening treatment; This treatment, also called tooth bleaching, is the process of changing the color of existing teeth to a whiter color. The color of the teeth may turn yellower or darker over time depending on genetics or eating habits, in such cases, teeth whitening is applied.

Although you have a regular and frequent brushing habit, the color of your teeth may not turn white. This color is fixed like your skin color. For an aesthetic smile, your teeth should have a white, vibrant color tone with the form and uniformity of your teeth.

How is teeth whitening applied?

A white and vibrant tooth color has been one of the most sought after features in aesthetic smile design for centuries. Teeth whitening can be applied to all healthy teeth. Your dentist will make the right decision for the tooth bleaching procedure to be made on your teeth. With the dentist's examination, it can be decided whether your teeth are suitable for whitening and you can be shown approximately what whiteness they can come to.

This aesthetic treatment method is a very simple and fast application. You can easily have whiter teeth with 15-20 minutes of dental whitening application in our Side Dental Center dental care clinic.

There are two different methods for teeth whitening

These are dental bleaching methods that you can apply yourself at home or by your doctor in the dentist clinic.

Since the bleaching gel used for tooth bleaching should only touch the tooth surfaces and avoid contact with the lips and gums, it will be healthier to choose the one under the control of the dentist. The content of the bleaching gel used in this system is almost the same in all systems. The light source used is to make the gel a little more active.

In tooth whitening, your doctor first isolates your gums and surrounding tissues with a protective silicone material. It then uses a suitable light source to spread the bleaching gel over the surface of your teeth and make the gel more active. While this treatment process may differ slightly in time, the treatment duration is usually determined as 15-20 minute sessions.

It is normal to feel very little sensitivity during the whitening process. Depending on the degree of sensitivity, your doctor decides whether to continue the procedure or not.

You will need to stay away from some foods and drinks after the treatment process. In particular, it is very important for the success of bleaching that you do not consume cigarettes, coffee, tea, alcohol and beverages and foods specified by your doctor for a short time.

What should be considered after teeth whitening?

Your whiter tooth color after bleaching will start to return to its original color after a certain time, depending on your oral care and diet.

It should not be forgotten that the process of opening the Tooth Color is a cosmetic application. You can repeat it several times a year with your doctor's recommendation. Generally, the continuity after teeth whitening is close to a year.

The important thing here is the decision and efficiency of your dentist. The process of bleaching the teeth has been widely used for more than 20 years.

In order to decide whether you are suitable for teeth whitening, the structure of your teeth should be examined in detail, and tartar cleaning and stains should be removed before the whitening process.

It should not be forgotten that bleaching should be done after the necessary treatments by a gum specialist or dentist in people with gum disease.

As in all health treatment systems, in dentistry, the determination of the treatment method after the joint consultation can increase the quality and success of the treatment.


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