Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is performed so that the tooth can continue to function again as a result of excessive decay or infection. Root canal treatment decayed, or infected tooth's nerve and pulp are definitely removed. The decayed part of the tooth is cleaned and filled again. Root canal treatment is a very important operation performed by dentists.


It is said that root canal treatment is performed in many places. However, as said, root canal treatment is not performed, and it is said to be performed in a single session. This is a wrong practice. First of all, it should be determined whether the damaged tooth is infected or not and a path should be followed accordingly. If you want to get a quality root canal treatment, you can contact our Side Dental Center clinic.

What is Root Canal and its Treatment?

The root canal in the structure of each tooth is the name given to the space located in the center of the tooth. Soft tissue in the root canal is called pulp. The pulp is full of blood vessels and nerves that play an important role in tooth nutrition.

Root canal treatment is one of the most important factors that prevent tooth loss and extraction. Before this treatment, which has been widely used in recent years, it was directly extracted when teeth were decayed or infected. On the other hand, root canal treatment cleans the infected pulp layer and adds it to the tooth structure.

How Is It Applied and its Importance?

During root canal treatment, the nerves in the pulp are removed during the cleaning process. However, after this procedure, it can be used without any problems with the teeth. The reason for this is that the nerves in the pulp layer of the tooth only feel hot and cold in adults. It has no known important task other than that.

When the layers of the tooth are damaged, the tooth is usually infected because bacteria start to grow inside the tooth. Apart from being infected, sometimes teeth can also cause abscesses. The pus accumulating in the root of the tooth is called an abscess. Tooth decays and abscess can cause tooth loss and bone loss when not treated.

How Long Does Root Canal Treatment Take?

Root canal treatment is sometimes done in one session, and sometimes it can be solved in two sessions. This is due to decay in the tooth. In addition, it can be seen that the root canal treatment is completed in three sessions.

In order for a person to perform root canal treatment, they must be an endodontist or a dentist. Endodontists are also a type of dentist. In addition to dentistry, they have expertise in the pulp layer of the tooth and the dental nerve.

The first step in root canal treatment is x-rays to see how the root canals are. Thanks to this x-ray, if there is any bone infection around the decayed tooth, this is also seen.

After this procedure is completed, local anesthesia is performed by the specialist. Thanks to local anesthesia, the patient does not feel any pain because the teeth and the nerves around it are numb.

After the tooth and its surroundings are numb, a waterproof material is placed in the area around the tooth by the doctor. The purpose of this is to prevent the tooth and its surroundings from getting wet. Then, a hole is made in the tooth in order to reach the place where the infection occurred and treat it.

The infection and bacteria formed in the tooth are cleaned with the help of a tool inserted through that hole. In addition, the nerve tissue inside the tooth is also taken. The hole opened in the tooth is enlarged in order to perform root canal treatment.


Things to Consider After Root Canal Treatment

Although root canal treatment is sometimes a one-session treatment process, in some cases it may extend to the second or third session. In such cases and after the root canal treatment is completed, there are some important issues that patients should pay attention to. These topics are listed below:

·         If the root canal treatment hangs on the second or third session for any reason, the tooth to be treated should use less of the treated tooth until the end of the treatment.

·         Even if the root canal treatment process is completely finished, absolutely nothing should be eaten or drunk for at least a few hours.

·         Until 3 to 4 days have passed after root canal treatment to your tooth, it is absolutely necessary to avoid hot and cold foods and drinks compared to normal.

·         The teeth should be brushed regularly every day after the treatment. If it was done on a person brushing, the person should continue the same pattern.

·         If dental floss or mouthwash is given by the dentist or endodontist, it should definitely be used. Otherwise, it will be possible to experience the same problems with other teeth.


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