Dental Filling

What is dental fillings and how it is applied?

The repair of a tooth that has lost its structural integrity and function due to decay or wear is called dental filling. Dental filling is the process of removing all caries, and residues in a decaying tooth and filling the resulting cavity with composite materials that are biologically compatible and in accordance with the normal form of that tooth. It is the process of restoring the normal function and appearance of a tooth damaged by decay. Side Dental Center, which always prioritizes the satisfaction of its customers in terms of dental filling, is one of the most important clinics providing this service in Antalya.

The most curious about filling?

1.    What is aesthetic filling?

Aesthetic fillings; In cases where oral hygiene cannot be achieved completely, it is applied to eliminate the appearance that disturbs the patient in intermittent teeth or tooth decays and fractures.

2.    Is pain felt?

It is a procedure performed under local anesthesia, that is, only the relevant area is anesthetized, and patient comfort is provided.

3.    What if the bruises are not cleared?

From the cavity formed by caries, bacteria reach the vascular nerve network that feeds the outside very easily and causes severe pain in the tooth, then root canal treatment may be required, if it progresses, tooth extraction may be required. Therefore, early diagnosis and treatment of caries is very important.

4.    How is tooth decay detected?

There are several ways to tell if you have a bruise. Visual inspection is one of these methods. The bruises appear black-brown, and those on the chewing surface can be detected visually. However, it is not possible to visually detect decays starting from the interface of the teeth.

If these decays that cannot be seen from the surface can be found, radiographic controls may be required. In some cases, special dyes can be used to detect caries. Restoring decayed, cracked, broken, or worn teeth with filling is important for chewing function and aesthetics.

5.    Does the decaying tooth cause pain?

Teeth begin to decay first from the enamel surface where there is no nerve tissue. At this stage, no pain is felt due to caries. When it comes to the dentin tissue where the nerves are located, pain begins to be felt against certain stimuli.

When the bruise reaches deeper tissues, spontaneous pain occurs and the need for root canal treatment arises. For this reason, caries should be diagnosed and treated at the very beginning by going to regular dentist controls every 6 months without waiting for the teeth to hurt.

6.    Is it necessary to anesthetize the tooth for filling?

Anesthesia is not required in initial caries. However, it is necessary to apply anesthesia to clean deeper caries in terms of both the patient's comfort and the manipulation of the physician. The important thing is that painless and comfortable treatment can be offered to the patient.

7. How is the bruise cleaned?

Tooth decays are cleaned under air and water cooling with diamond and steel-tipped burs attached to tools rotating at high speeds.

8.    In what case should the filling be changed?

         If you chew hard with a tooth with a large filling, the tooth holding the filling or the filling itself may break. In this case, the filling should be changed.

         The presence of saliva between the tooth and the filling material while filling may prevent the tooth from adhering to each other and the filling may fall off.

·         Cracks may occur by biting and chewing forces or fillings may break due to clenching and grinding.

         If the side walls of the filling are not compatible with the teeth, caries, discoloration, or sensitivity may occur due to leakage. Fillers that have been in the mouth for a long time can also cause leakage.

         Secondary caries may occur due to insufficient oral hygiene, in this case, the existing filling and decay should be removed, and a new filling should be made.




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