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Digital Dentistry at the Side Dental Clinic Turkey

Digital dentistry involves the use of dental technology or devices which use computer-based or digital components. Traditional dental mediums, on the other hand, use mechanical or electrical procedures.


Computer-based technology enables dental practices to further enhance patient care. Above all, digital dentistry eliminates manual steps of dental procedures. For this reason, dentists can provide an efficient and more automated treatment process.


What are the advantages of digital dentistry?


There are many advantages to getting support from computer technology instead of traditional methods in dentistry.


The processing time is considerably shorter. The measurement process takes place within 3-4 minutes. Because the teeth can be prepared on the same day, the treatment can be completed on the same day.


Measurement and design stages have become more comfortable for patients.


It can be used safely in patient group with gag reflex and nausea.


The probability of error is reduced.


Types of digital dentistry technology

In a dental practice, there are a variety of diagnostic and treatment techniques which require the use of computer-controlled technology.


Some common types of dental technology used at Dental Clinic Side Turkey are:


Digital radiography

Digital radiography is the use of optical face scanners to produce a clear map of teeth and dental impressions. These scans can be viewed, printed or assessed by the dentist while you are in the chair.


In addition, digital radiographs emit up to 70 percent less radiation than traditional X-rays and are more environmentally friendly. At Coastal Dental Care, our practices use several types of 3D intra-oral scanners including CEREC Omnicam, 3Shape TRIOS, and iTero.


Cone-beam computed tomography imaging (CBCT)

A Cone-beam CT is a rotating X-ray machine which provides a three-dimensional view of teeth and the oral anatomy. Additionally, this imaging technique identifies oral conditions which are not detectable by regular X-ray screenings. A CBCT can also determine the exact position of teeth and their roots.



Diagnodent is a tool used for the early detection of cavities. The advanced technology uses sound pulse and laser to detect caries earlier than traditional methods allowed, so that treatment can commence immediately, limiting the amount of dental decay. This helps preserve the maximum amount of healthy tooth structure.


Intra-oral cameras

Intra-oral cameras allow dental practitioners to see clear, accurate images of the mouth. Shaped like a wand, the camera can magnify images on a computer screen in real time. This enables patients to clearly see what the dentist is doing or referring to. In addition, the intra-oral camera can provide a detailed view of hard to see areas in the mouth. This helps to accurately identify problems such as a fractured tooth.


Electronic prescriptions in place of physical copies, make keeping track of a patient’s records easier and improve patient experience.


Computer aided design or computer aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) and 3D printing

Computer aided design and 3D printing have made it more efficient for practitioners to design and manufacture dental restorations. Such restorations may include porcelain crowns, bridges, or veneers.


Computer aided dentistry allows dentists to design, fabricate and insert dental restorations on the same day. Traditionally, a dental laboratory would make the restoration. This process could take up to 3 weeks. The new technology, however, means that the patient can receive the final restoration within a day.


Dental Clinic Side Turkey practices use CEREC technology and offer same-day crowns. Please check our practice location pages to find out more.

Side Dentist Ahmet Tosunoğlu serves thousands of patients from abroad in smile design applications thanks to cad cam systems.


 With a variety of appointment scheduling programs available, dentists today are making it easier for patients to make and keep their oral hygiene and treatment appointments via the Internet. Additionally, communication programs make it easy for dentists to securely share information about a patient’s case with their laboratories and specialists to ensure proper care and eliminate unnecessary patient office visits. Real-time computer consultations also are possible while patients are in the chair, so any esthetic or functional issues can be discussed and resolved.


The diode laser in place of the traditional “explorer” to find cavities. The explorer is the instrument that dentists use to poke the teeth, to check for decay in the grooves of the teeth. Now dentists are switching to a laser to point out cavities. The higher the amount of decay, the more the tooth will glow when the beam of the laser hits it.


Dentist in Side Ahmet Tosunoğlu , has years of experience in digital dentistry.

Digital dentistry and smile design


Smile design; To evaluate the aesthetics of smile, which is the result of detailed analysis, which also deals with the relationship between teeth aesthetics, teeth, gums and lips.


The intraocular images taken by the CEREC system scanner and the profile images of the patients are combined in a computer environment. In this way, we are able to transfer the images of our patients to 3D digitally.


Images transferred to digital media; allows us to measure, design and modify the way we want. We can obtain the possible finished state of the teeth by making abrasion, insertion, contact point controls and contour changes in the designed teeth.


If we wish, we can show the mouth images of these designed teeth by combining them with the profile images of the patient and we can show how they can achieve a smile after the procedure.


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