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All on 4 Implant Treatment

All On Four Treatment

All On Four Implant technique is applied in people who cannot use prostheses due to excessive bone loss. This treatment, which is applied with side dental clinic, is a method that allows the fastening of dental prosthesis on the same day. With all on four implant techniques, only 4 implants are placed in each jaw. With this result, it is aimed to get new teeth for toothless patients. All on four treatment is also a reliable, fast, and natural appearance for patients who want to have implants but do not have the necessary Implant bone structure.

Who is All on Four Treatment Applied to?

·       It can be applied to people with good general health,

·       People who have lost their teeth for various reasons,

·       Toothless patients with adequate bone structure,

·       People whose jawbone height and width are appropriate,

·       Those who do not have a significant systematic disease that is not under control,

·       Radiotherapy or non-chemotherapy in the near term.

How to Make All On Four Application?

For All On Four treatment through Side Dental Clinic , patients made first be given a detailed clinical and radiological examination. All on four Implant technique with computer-based designs the process continues with the creation of suitable teeth for the patient. All on four implants consist of surgical and dental prosthesis procedures. Also, the day of treatment continues with the placement of 4 dental implants in the patient. After dental implants are implanted, a temporary dental prosthesis is fixed on top of dental implants on the same day. After 3 months, a continuous dental prosthesis is performed on the patient. This technique prevents too much bone-melting by keeping the jawbones healthy. Permanent solutions are provided with 4 implants for completely toothless patients.

What are the Advantages of All On Four Treatment?

·       The operation is easier because all on four dental implant sinus upgrade surgery and advanced surgical procedures such as bone addition are not performed. In other words, the duration of dental implants is shorter.

·       Since the number of dental implants used is reduced, the cost is lower than the classic dental implant treatment.

·       Full toothless patients can be given a fixed dental prosthesis with a single surgical procedure on the same day. It also has many advantages.

·       Since it is designed in a personalized way, it also gives a beautiful aesthetic appearance.

·       It has a very suitable use for patients who cannot use moving dental prosthesis and have a tooth nausea reflex.

·       All on four treatment is of great importance, especially for patients who have been toothless for a long time and do not have enough jawbone. As a result, it improves the quality of life and is advantageous because it offers a definitive solution.

·       Classic dental implant top is easier to clean and maintain than fixed dental prostheses.

·       Since it does not cover the patient's dane part, it is very easy to get used to and use. It is suitable for patients from all cities because the number of treatment sessions required is small.

·       On the same day, both surgical procedures are completed and temporary prostheses are carried out. In other words, the All On Four technique eliminates the need for denves and the difficulties of using denves. In addition to being more cost-effective than a single implant application, it can also be applied to patients with melting jawbone. Therefore, the frequency of preferences of the All On Four technique is increasing day by day.

·       In addition to all this, all on four technique success rate is the highest treatment method. It has also emerged as a result of scientific research that it helps prevent bone loss. At the end of the treatment, the person's chewing and speech functions are improved and his aesthetic concerns are eliminated.

In Which Cases Is Implant Application Risky?

·       Diabetes and chronic cardiovascular disorders,

·       Pregnancy,

·       Alcohol and drug addicts,

·       People with high smoking consumption,

·       High blood pressure and connective tissue problems,

·       Disorders such as hemophilia and immune system,

·       Young people whose bone development is not complete,

·       Implant treatment is a risky process in cases such as those undergoing high-dose radiotherapy in the head and neck area.





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